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Spring & Fall Clean Up

Spring & Fall Clean Up | Earth Concepts Design & Build - springAt Earth Concepts Design and Build, we provide complete lawn clean-ups. These lawn clean-ups are generally scheduled during the spring and fall seasons at your convenience or necessity. During a clean-up, we will remove as many leaves and pieces of debris from your property as possible. This is usually done by blowing the leaves and debris from all landscape beds and other garden areas into the mowing area. Then we go over the entire lawn with a mower-mounted vacuum system to collect all the debris. All debris we collect is hauled off when we leave.
Please contact us for more information or to schedule a service. Cleanup of lawn and gardens to prepare for another growing season or prepare for winter and ensure that your property looks its best so you can enjoy it. Committing a few hours in the spring and fall to lawn care will go a long way, making your lawn healthier and reducing the need to use pesticides and other harmful chemicals